Castle Rock United Methodist Church

Our mission statement: "Following Christ's example, we welcome all on a spiritual journey in order to be and to make disciples for Jesus Christ."

Life can be so complicated these days. The world is moving fast and sometimes it can feel like we are missing something. It's not that we're not busy. We often are. But sometimes we can get lost in all the meetings, appointments, stresses and, well, stuff of life.

We might stop at the end of the day and wonder how it is possible to be doing so much and yet have such an emptiness?

Sometimes in life, whether the schedule is busy, or very quiet, we feel a need to seek something more.

If you are feeling that tug to be part of something that is committed to serving community and making Castle Rock a healthy place to live and grow, we hope you will stop by. We promise to be welcoming. We aren't formal. Come as you are. Life is happening here at Castle Rock UMC and we'd love to have you join us!